Here's what some other people have said

Megan W ★★★★★ Only 5 stars?!?  

Make sure to read all the comments on this page. Then, you will have just a glimpse of how truly AMAZING Dr. Baird is. I was so excited when he opened his own practice where he could spend more than just 1. minutes with his patients. He is truly a healer! You owe it to yourself to put yourself at ease and live pain free by trusting you care to Dr. Baird! He IS the Michael Jordan of chiropractors - the best in his field, hands down!

Nida  A ★★★★★ Finally we found the chiropractor we've been looking for  

My daughter and I have been going to many chiropractors trying to find the right one we feel comfortable with. We have been fortunate to try Dr Baird's Groupon offer hoping to be The end of our search. For the first time I felt the doctor is sincere and passionate about his practice. He is personable and concerned for the well being of his patient. He is not about making money, he wanted to actually help. I let my daughter choose among all the four chiropractors she has visited. She said she felt most comfortable and more relieved by Dr Baird's treatment. I highly recommend him. 

perry d ★★★★★ Finally---I think I found a good one!  

After visiting several chiropractors around the Raleigh area and coming away disappointed, I think I finally found someone who is both talented and passionate with their profession.  Dr. Baird has great insight and manipulative skills.  I eagerly anticipate returning and receiving the help I need.

Robert E ★★★★★

Miracle hands  Take the best neurologist, massage therapist, chiropractic expert, and even nutritionist and physical therapist, and throw in personal counselor and you get Dr. Baird.  Hard to describe, you just have to be there and experience for yourself.  Words can't come close.

Stephen W ★★★★★

A perfect nack for finding and correcting the problem right away  I was recommended by a Personal Trainer who uses Dr. Baird.  Glad I took the recommendation.  Dr. Baird found my problem right away. Began correcting the problem right away.  Each time I make a visit I feel better right away. This man has a magic touch.  My well-being is getting better and better.

Vivianne P ★★★★★ Best in the area!  

In the past year I have been to various sports masseuses, physical therapists and chiropractors in the triangle area trying to get relief from my low back pain.  I can easily say that Dr. Baird is by far the most knowledgeable and attentive I have ever received treatment from.  He clearly has a lot of experience, but still listens to your concerns and has a consultative approach. I received my first treatment yesterday and already have relief and a better understanding of my issue. I look forward to my future visits and being pain free! 

Marianne J ★★★★★ Amazing experience!  

Dr. Baird wasted no time in identifying issues in my spine and went right to work. After 20 minutes of therapy, I stood up and noticed instantly that my posture was corrected and I had more range of motion in my neck and pelvis. I live out of state and have had other chiropractic treatments in my life but I have never had this level of improvement and relief. Everyone should have an opportunity to be treated by Dr. Baird. He is an outstanding practitioner and I look forward to my next session. I wish I lived closer to his office, I'd go every week! 

Michelle M ★★★★★

Attention People in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas  I am in my late 40s and been seeing chiropractors since I have been in my teens.  I thought I had found some pretty good chiropractors over the years until I found Dr Baird.  There are many chiropractors out there and it is hard to know who to trust.  I am confident that Dr Baird is one of the best, if not the best you will ever find.  He is a hidden gem and is extremely gifted in his field!  His care for good patients can not be surpassed as well!  I am blessed to have found him!

Kim S ★★★★★ Great Appointment! 

 I had a great appointment with Dr Baird yesterday.  He did a great job getting to the right muscles deep in my back.

Michelle L ★★★★★ Great chiropractor   

One of the best, doesn't limit modalities like some others do, spends time to get things right.

Sue C ★★★★★ Will follow Dr. B anywhere!

 I've been seeing Dr. Baird for almost a year now and would follow him just about anywhere for an adjustment. He listens to me at each visit and alters his treatment accordingly.No generic, assembly line here! Dr. Baird is genuinely compassionate, takes his time and always, always makes me feel better. He has treated my son and I am now bringing my daughter to see him. I truly believe this is Dr. Baird 's calling and would not take my family to see anyone else.

Gary B ★★★★★ Substantially enhanced my well being.   

I have been a patient of several chiropractors and Dr. Baird exceeds all of them with his knowledge and expertise. He listens and, with his skilled hands, finds the spots that need help and manipulates them accordingly. He give sound logical advice on nutrition and exercise as well. He is such a bright guy, affable and trustworthy.  He relocated his practice several months ago, I now travel 4 minutes to get to him.  He is so worth it. I am pain free and feel great.   

Kim H ★★★★★

Speachless Adjustment  Have you ever met someone for real that just LOVES what they do? Dr. Baird is one of those people. I have been to other chiropractors and you are in and out in record time, feeling good for the moment but not long term. Dr. Baird takes the time to access the whole body; when he feels what is out of alignment he tells you and shows you how your body is connected and then makes the adjustment. He takes what ever time it needs to get you feeling balanced and pain free before leaving the office...he leaves it up to the patient to decide when they feel their body is ready to come back...he also makes recommendations upon request. I feel grateful and honored to have found such a unique and dedicated doc who always smiles with enthusiasm every time he sees a patient. Thanks Dr. Baird!


Thanks Dr. Baird for coming to my rescue.  I can always count on you and your expertise to make the exact adjustments to alleviate my pain.  

Arteesia F ★★★★★ Great service   

He took his time and made sure I was satisfied before I left. I will recommend him to others 

Jenny J ★★★★★ All areas of Pain Addressed! 4 I started the herbal pills he gave me.  Best sleep in years.  My adjustment was awesome - the pain was not an issue as before.  I was more relaxed and actually had some energy that afternoon.

Cherie E ★★★★★ An Old Lady Learns A Lesson!  

I had been a skeptic of all things chiropractic until I met young Dr. Baird a couple of years ago.  His knowledge of anatomy and physiology; technical skills (especially in myofacial release); and professional warmth erased my doubts completely.  The change has been remarkable since starting the combination myofacial and adjustment treatment with him.  Some of the benefits of visiting a young medical professional in any discipline is not only that their education includes the latest approaches to therapy, but that they retain their idealism, optimism and patient-centered attitude!

RA E ★★★★★ Remarkable ! ! !  

Dr. Baird in up to date on techniques, nutrition, and supplements and how they are linked to the health and wellbeing of the body.  He is a master mind when it comes to customizing the chiropractic adjustments for each individual person and their specific needs..  Dr. Baird uses his passion for chiropractic to enhance his patients lives through manipulation, healthy life style choices, nutrition, and education..  You will be amazed by Dr. Baird!

Maria M ★★★★★ One time; you will never want to go anywhere else...  

I Have had the good fortune of being treated by Dr. Baird for the past 2 years. Each and every visit he relieves pain and tension even in places where I didn't know it was coming from! He is always professional and has a true and caring "table side" manner. 

Krissy C ★★★★★ Dr. Baird is the Best!  

I have been seeing Dr. Baird for a little over a year now and I will never consider seeing anyone else as long as he's in business and I'm in the Raleigh area.  He is smart, knowledgeable, and can pinpoint issues in a second and will lay out a plan to address them.  If you want an excellent chiropractor look no further!!!


Haley g ★★★★★ Fantastic  Fantastic! 

Great knowledge, and my back feels much, much better!  Looking forward to getting myself back to "me" again, with his help.

Cindy K ★★★★★ Highly recommend !!!

 Wonderful experience. I came to Dr Baird after a terrible, painful experience with another chiropractor. Dr Baird was compassioniate and took his time to really listen. The best part is I felt so much better and only after the first visit!!!   Definitely will continue using. !!!

Carolyn A ★★★★★ AHH-MAZING!!!  

Holy cow!! I just had a laser treatment yesterday on my knee which was hurting pretty badly. I was limping around for days, I think I had aggravated my meniscus, which had been found to be slightly torn a couple of years ago. I woke up this morning and I was walking around, stairs included, with NO pain!! Thank you Dr. Baird...I love that you combine chiropractic and nutrition in your sessions. You are THE BEST!!!! 

Phillip I ★★★★★

I hate coming to the comment page,  there're so many well deserved superlatives floating around here that it's darned near impossible to say how awesome the good Dr. Baird is.  If you've tried him, you know, if you haven't, you owe it to yourself to get acquainted.  Five stars just aren't enough!

Ellen B ★★★★★ Best chiropractor ever!!!  

I've been going to chiropractors and osteopaths for about 4 years: in Canada as well as New York, Virginia and North Carolina. In all honesty, I have to say I've never had adjustments as effective and long-lasting as those I get consistently from Dr. Baird. His method is unique; he listens with his ears and with his hands; he is truly caring as he treats you, so you know that he is tuned in to what's  going on in your body.

The chiropractor I'd been going to for several years before I switched to Dr B told me I would have to be adjusted once a week for the rest of my life simply to maintain what mobility I had at that time. With my first adjustment by Dr B, most of my neck and shoulder issues disappeared the very next day! He started me coming in every 10 days (not 7, like the other one!) and now I come only monthly and I'm SOOOOOOO much better than I was when I started with him, about a year and a half ago!
I have referred a number of people to Dr B, and will continue to do so, and they have all had similar results.

Joe F ★★★★★ Gifted Hands  

Dr. Baird is a truly gifted practitioner. He uses a variety of modalities to assess and treat his patients. He listens to your body as well as to your words. He watches how you move. His hands are confident and sure. He has a sixth sense about how your body works and the kind of therapy that will bring healing. He is a bit of a chiropractic detective, playing hunches and then evaluating to see if his hunch is right. (It usually is.) There is real joy in his spirit as he clearly enjoys his work and people he treats. I recommend him without qualification--anyone would benefit from his gifted hands. 

Jesse S ★★★★★ Life Saver  

I have been dealing with back and shoulder pain for years. John was able to loosen me up after the 1st session. I look forward to seeing him until my pain fully resolves. I am confident he is the man for the job!

Ileana G ★★★★★ Great Experience  

I have never get an adjustment before. I was kind of scared about it, but Dr. Bair is a great chiropractic, he make you feel comfortable and he does a great job. Highly recommended!

Heather M ★★★★★ Dr. Baird is THE Master of Chiropractic  

Dr. John Baird of Infinity Chiropractic is a Very rare commodity.  The man is a gifted Expert who is wise, experienced, and passionate about his field  in every way, shape, and form.He is a GIFT to this world and I am so thankful that I was able to receive it.
He blew my mind! And continues to every time I see him! 

Timorow D ★★★★★ Wellness at its Best  

My second visit seeing Dr. Baird was yesterday and it was another wonderful experience. I'm having some minor leading to major health issues and he gave me lots of advice on being much healthier. He's encouraging, thoughtful, and positive. I also recieved an adjustment and deep tissue massage. I have never had a better chiropractor

Alex M ★★★★★ Four years and counting...  

We've been seeing Dr. B for close to four years and there are few others I would trust with my family's care.  He can tailor your treatment to match what ails you and what you are able to tolerate.  As many others here, I can't recommend him enough!

Beth H ★★★★★ The best  

I moved away from Raleigh, but I looked up Dr. Baird, so I can make appointments when I'm in Raleigh. He's amazing. 

Gary B ★★★★★ Different pain, different adjustment - now pain free - again!  

I have been seeing Dr. John for 4 years, about once a month for a general adjustment, with minor differences once in a while. I ALWAYS walk out of his office feeling much better than I went in, refreshed and ready to take on my day. Last visit I had some unusual discomfort that was getting worse. Dr. John performed an different newly learned assessment, and did 3 new adjustments. They worked - he gave me some exercises to perform as well. Although I was slightly sore from being out of alignment for several days, the next morning I awakened pain free.  The following 2 days I was driving for 12 hours and was uncomfortable when I would get out of the vehicle, but I performed those exercises and felt better within an hour.  I have kept up those exercises and am still pain free after 2 weeks.  Dr. John is one of my angels.

Krista B ★★★★★ Awesome   

months of lower back and hip pain with no relief from PT or massage therapy. One visit to Dr Baird and he told me exactly what was wrong and started me on the road to recovery. 

Chantal S ★★★★★ Amazing  amazing and great feeling

Ainsley N ★★★★★ 11 yr old first visit to chiropractor

 I just had my first appointment with Dr. Baird and it was great. I ride horses and have been thrown off a few times causing me back and shoulder pain. Dr. Baird listened to me and made me feel at ease. I can't wait to go back!

C    M  ★★★★★ Fantastic   

He really puts the patient first unlike assembly line type practices. He is a gifted practitioner that has really found his niche in life and it shows!  For anyone that "nay says" chiropractic care, try him out and you will change your mind!

LaToya P ★★★★★ Dr B is the Man

 Hands down the best chiropractic doctor in the world!!! I felt like a million bucks when I left. He's very professional, experienced and caring. I will recommend his services to everyone I know. His hands are golden! I haven't felt this good in a long time. Thank Dr B your the best! Scheduling was easy and my appointment started at my scheduled time. 

Lloyd M ★★★★★ As goog as it gets  Lloyd M.------- I been to many, John is mush better than most.

Barry N ★★★★★

Dr. Baird has helped me recover from injuries over the past several months. He is always available for consultation and I highly recommend that you stop in to meet with him. He'll put you back together quickly and safely. 

Aslyn R ★★★★★ Amazing First Adjustment  

This was my first visit to Dr. Baird, and my first adjustment after 27 years of living. I recently experienced a traumatic fall resulting in a concussion and a very weak and motionless body. After my visit with Dr. Baird, I felt like a whole new person. Even after a long day, at 6:30pm I had so much energy I felt I could do it all again without sleeping. Dr. Baird's personality and love for his practice makes you feel very comfortable during the adjustment. He is very knowledgeable and compassionate. Not once did I feel worried or scared. Can't wait for my next visit! I can't believe I've been living without chiropractic my whole life!

David D ★★★★★ Master of his craft  

Dr. Baird's knowledge and intuition are amazing.  He loves what he does and it shows in the attention that he gives to each person.  My wife and I have been going to him for a while and would not want to go any where else.  Keep up the great work Dr. B!!

Jackie S ★★★★★  Great Experience   

This was my first experience with a Chiropractor and it was very beneficial. Dr. Baird was very engaging and step by step explained what areas needed attention and proceeded to treat them. My muscles were all knotted up and he loosened them and gave me  more flexibility!

Eva S ★★★★★ Very happy with the results!

 I have been treated with many chiropractors before and remained skeptical until I met Dr. Baird.
First of all he is very personable, friendly and passionate about what he does. He makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk to his office. I have found this office by coincidence on groupon and after few visits my shoulder pain disappeared. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

Sheree H ★★★★★ Love Dr. B!  

I've been seeing Dr. B for about three years now. It use to be that no one could touch my back or my shoulders. I was a ball of knots and pain. I had a pain in my back and chest that made me feel like I was dying. And on top of that I was taking pain medicine like they were M&Ms. Thanks to Dr. B, I am soooo much better. I don't have chest pain or back pain anymore. And the pain meds are no longer every day. I feel like a new woman. He is definitely a wonderful doctor and as long as he is in the business I will never let another chiropractor touch me! I thank God every day for him and how he has helped me. Oh and he is awesome with kids too. My son loves him! 

Kanesa S ★★★★★ Best Chiro Ever  

Dr. Baird is an incredible chiropractor, and I would drive at least an hour to see him!  He is very caring and incredibly great at what he does.  I have moved out of the RDU area but still find relief from things that he taught me. He truly cares about his patients, takes time to help in every way possible, and knows how to tailor adjustments to meet the needs of each person.  I can't tell you how much I would appreciate an adjustment from Dr. B right now!

Robert  K ★★★★★ Excellent 

 I agree with all the other  star reviews. Dr Baird is the best in the business.



Kimberly C ★★★★★ 2ND VISIT


Ganna A ★★★★★ 

It was first time that I have this kind of treatment and doctor John was very patient while studying my case carefully, he asked me lots of questions regarding my pain and situation, as soon as he recognize that I have a chronic pain he gave his full attention and time even 1 minutes more than my time.
thank you doctor Baird

Janeth P ★★★★★ The name should have been "magic touch"  

The second time I was waiting to see Dr Bair, another patient that was also waiting told me "he has the magic touch! , I was scheduled to have back surgery and thanks to him I still haven't and it has been 4 years!".  I have now been going to Dr Bair for one year myself and totally agree with his patients comment.  He does have the magic touch.  He reads muscles like reading a book, finds the spot that hurts the most within seconds and does his magic.  One walks out of his office like a different person.  Recently I sustained and injury to my leg and Dr Bair was instrumental in getting me mobile and off pain medications a lot faster.  I am deeply indebted to his hard work and dedication to my well-being.  

Jessica  D ★★★★★ The best

 Over the past 7 years I have been to quite a few different chiropractors due to terrible back and neck pain. Dr. Baird is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. He's incredibly knowledgeable, but also very intuitive. I'm amazed by how he finds all the right spots and gets everything that needs to be adjusted. I always leave feeling satisfied (which has never been the case with past chiropractors). I like that he also understands the importance of the connection between the muscles and the spine, so he will take time to work on muscular issues as well. I cannot believe the amount of pain I used to live with compared to how I feel now. He's also very caring and, unlike other chiropractors, is not interested in having a 30 second revolving door operation.

Megan  I ★★★★★ Best Chiropractor I have used.  

Dr. Baird is the best chiropractor I have used, and I highly recommend him for anyone experiencing muscular and skeletal problems.

Ricky E ★★★★★ The Best  Two words for Dr. Baird.............'THE BEST'

Robert E ★★★★★ Best in the business  

Of course anyone facing scalpel or drugs should go chiro, clearly a no-brainer. But there are all kinds of chiropractors out there. I've been to many. Perhaps there may be another one around who does the excellent work Dr. Baird does, but I doubt it. He's one of a kind.
Life changer.

Judy S ★★★★★ Never thought I'd find another Dr. John

 I had been going to a chiropractor in Pennsylvania for over 1 years, Dr. Jon. When I moved to Raleigh, I thought I'd never find another Dr. Jon, but when I came across Dr. John Baird, I was genuinely impressed and so happy to find another Dr, John. Although he spells his name differently, this Dr John is every bit as knowledgeable and caring as my last Dr. Jon. Always hear of chiropractor wanting you to keep coming back week after week. Dr. Baird is also very trustful in that sense. I have no specific problems, just want to keep in adjustment, and Dr. Baird told me I only need see him every two months. Highly recommend him!

Jo-Anne S ★★★★★ I Love Dr. Baird!  

I discovered Dr. Baird 4 years ago while working in a group office setting. His talents are so extraordinary.   I received great results and continued to see him on a regular basis.  His expert musical abilities of playing the fiddle, play out on your body.  It is as if he is playing a musical score that he has rehearse.   Then 2 years ago, he manifested his own practice where he can treat patients 100% on his terms, which allows not only him the freedom to maximize his healing gifts but benefits the patients in his holistic approach.  Dr. Baird is incredibly bright and curious, attentive and intuitive all at the same time. He love a challenge of discovering what prior care takers have not to get to the root cause and provide relief from pain.  He is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and supplementation as well.  Unfortunately, his location was out of reach for me and I missed his healing treatments.  Last month, I got into a crisis and put myself into severe sciatica.  I have been receiving P/T, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture but was getting little to no relief.  My pain was at level 8 and was walking with a cane!  Last week, I saw that Dr. Baird had relocated to my neck of the woods and I contacted him immediately.   He fit me in the very next day and he knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it!  I got up to leave and walked out of his office and hear him say, "That's a good sign"!  He was holding my cane!  It has been 4 days since my treatment and I have not used my cane since.   I honor his approach to allow each patient to listen to their body and decided when it is their time to return and not be put into a "program".  Thank you Dr. Baird for all you do for each of your patients.  You are a true healer.

Tom P ★★★★★ I wouldn't be vertical and back to the gym without Dr. John!  

I tore back muscles/ligaments associated with my SI Joint while deadlifting during a CrossFit WOD. I had expected a 2-4 week recovery but when 14 weeks had passed and I was still having debilitating pain, I knew I needed some other course of action beyond rest and stretching exercises or I was never going to heal. Dr. John was referred to me by the owner of my gym/box. I did my due diligence and looked Dr. John up online. I noticed that yes he did rack and crack but he also did soft tissue massage/manipulation and even cold laser stimulation treatment. I had never been to a Chiro in my life but I had recently read and heard very good things about Chiros that used modern techniques, other than just performing alignments. So, I thought I should give him a try. After just one visit, and a few days rest from that visit, I was back on my feet and able to do bodyweight exercises. After the next visit, I was able to return to probably 90% of my CrossFit workout and after just three total visits (over 4 weeks), I am able to perform 100% of my CrossFit exercises. Additionally, the work he did on my back and hips has "fixed" my knees and now my mobility is better than ever and I am able to drop to the ground lightning quick and perform alternating lunges, high volume air squats, burpees, and wall balls faster than ever and without any of the pain and limited mobility that I had prior to being worked on by Dr. John. I am not a "serial" reviewer but when I receive excellent customer service or excellent medical care, in this case I received both, I feel a strong need to share that with others that may be able to benefit. I just wish that I had found Dr. John sooner.  

Mark H ★★★★★ Ace in the Hole

 I have been seeing physical therapists and chiropractors for years. Dr. Baird has the most knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and spine of anyone I have ever known.  He will help you. He has always helped me and its been years.

Candice R ★★★★★ Amazed at my experience

 I've been suffering from lower back and sciatica pain since April of this year. I've had an xray, MRI, done steroids twice and PT. I've learned to coup with the pain on a daily basis by taking pain medication but since I've had my appointment with Dr. Baird my pain is starting to subside! It does hurt while he works the muscles and bones but at the same time it feels so good! Its been 2 days since my last appt and now I can get out of the bed without that pain running down the back of my leg and also it doesn't hurt to get out of the car. I would recommend him to anyone needed help in this area and I'm so grateful for him. 

Angie M ★★★★★ Amazing!!

 My first visit with Dr. Baird was amazing.  I've been to chiropractors in the past and none of them were never able to help with my lower back pain.  I was diagnosed with spondyloisthesis about 6 years ago.  I began going to chiropractors in the hopes that they could help me with my lower back pain.  They made it my lower back pain worse; to the point that I could not get out of bed without being in so much pain.  I'm so glad that Dr. John was recommended to me.  I can't wait for my next visit.  He definitely has the magic touch.  I highly recommend Dr. John Baird unconditionally.  

Nicki K ★★★★★ Dr. Baird is awesome!

 Every time I have an appointment with Dr. Baird, I am amazed by his knowledge and his treatment. The techniques he uses pinpoint the areas of pain and I always feel better. He truly has found his calling! I highly recommend.

Karen R ★★★★★ the shaman

 My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Baird for about 2 years. This is voluntary, no pressure to sign a contract or agree to a certain number of visits. We refer to him as "the shaman" because he seems to have a sixth sense for diagnosing problems and providing relief. He is smart, kind and very personable. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation (pun intended)!

Kanesa S ★★★★★ Best Chiropractor Ever

 I can't say enough about how great Dr. Baird is at what he does!  I've seen a lot of chiropractors, but Dr. Baird seriously has a gift.  He loves his patients and cares so much about them.  He listens, spends as much time as needed with his patients, and gets to the bottom of the problem.  Not only is he not in it for the money, but he can take some hurting spots and work some magic on them.  I would drive a long way to see Dr. B.  Though I don't live in the same state anymore, anytime I'm in the area I head his way.  I recommended a friend that needed back surgery, and Dr. B was able to help him, and he never had to have back surgery!   I can't give him a high enough recommendation!!

Tony C ★★★★★  STAR service

   I am 48 and have been in construction for over 28 years. i was in so much pain that my wife finally found and called the DR. I usually will deal with some pain until it's gone, but this time it was getting worse instead of better. My wife called and explained to Dr. Baird that I had lower back pain for over a week and scheduled a consultation along with a treatment which I hear is not the normal procedure. Most doctors do a consult and have you come back a 2nd. Trip. Anyway I was very uncertain about the whole thing but I figured it couldn't get much worse. The doctor asked about  questions and goy right to work. He told me exactly what was wrong, treated the areas and said j would be in pain for about 2 more more days then I would start feeling better. That's exactly what happened and I can't thank the Dr. Enough. It's great to know that there is relief from such a professional person.  

Valerie S ★★★★★ Great Chiropractor  

The service was amazing. Dr. Baird did a good job of aligning and relaxing my back muscles after I got into a car crash. After the visit, I had significantly less pain. I would highly recommend him.

Sterling B ★★★★★

never fails  Dr B listens to your words and your body. Kind and smart, ideal for this occupation. 

Tanisha C ★★★★★

I was in bad shape  I woke up with some pain in my lower back, my shoulder had be bothering me for quite some time but I just learned to get over it... While at work I decided to check online and I saw a groupon for Dr. Biard, I noticed he had avalible openings, booked and rushed right to his office. He was very professional, courteous oh and he did a heck of a job on my back. I didn't notice how my range of motion had been restricted until I left his office. I will return for plenty of future adjustments that's for sure!

Eric J ★★★★★ A1 Service  

First time going to a chiropractor. Don't know why it took me so long. Great experience. I was educated on how the body works so I walked out of there with more than a proper adjustment. Will be back and I recommend to anyone. 

Andrew L ★★★★★ Great first experience

 Dr. Baird is one of those unique people that just have a passion for what they do. He took the time to listen to my issues, and then was very educational as we went through the process, easing any fears I may have had about chiropractic sessions. Will definitely return.

Toya T ★★★★★ I dare you to find a better doctor!

 I dare you to find a better doctor because you won't. It can't be done because Dr. Baird is the best, the Michael Jordan of chiropractors! He has seen my girls since they were in diapers. I receive adjustments to treat my heart palpitations. My husband was recently in a terrible car accident and Dr. Baird helped get him back on his feet also. There is no doctor that I trust more than Dr. Baird.

Jan  P ★★★★★ Gifted Doctor!  

Dr. Baird is the best. He always listens and I always feel so much better when I leave. He truly is gifted in his area of expertise and help calm me down when I was very nervous about having adjustments. He told me it was ok and that pretty soon, I would in to his office and look forward to my adjustments, and I am there only after a couple of months!

Gary B ★★★★★ Makes me feel better even when I am already feeling okay!  

I visit Dr. B about once a month - I have an old leg injury that sometimes flares up and sometimes have a TMJ challenge.  One or the other starts to bother me and I schedule an appt.  It feels like his fingers have x-ray vision and finds the problem area quickly. Not only does Dr. B stop the discomfort with his chiropractic omniscience, but I always leave his office feeling great all over, even though I wasn't feeling bad (except for one of the two things mentioned above).  

Tony  L  ★★★★★

A friend  always good at what he dose and cares for you, this his gift that God gave him. Pray for him and his family.

Toni W ★★★★★ Highly recommend 

 Service was phenomenal. I recommended him to my Facebook friends. Dr. John Baird is gifted, personable and professional.

Lone M ★★★★★ return customer

 I met Dr. Baird at a race where he offered his services for free and was very impressed with his knowledge and techniques. my visit to his practice yesterday was equally impressive. He really got most of my pain in my hip to go away and interpreted test results for me so I have a better understanding of what's going on. I will for sure go visit him again next time I'm in town and would recommend him to any athlete with "issues" 

Shana S ★★★★★ AAAAHHHHH...

hope for relief  Monday was my first visit after 3 weeks of progressive pain due to fall on ice. I also have ongoing issues with piriformis syndrome. I was being "treated" with meds and not addressing source of pain. I tried a "medical massage" but that did little to relieve my jacked up back/neck. After adjustment and massage by Dr. Baird I could tell he is the real deal. I will gladly spend what it takes to see him on a regular basis and look forward to getting some relief. I have spent countless days out of work due to this fall so this discovery came none too soon. 

Patty B ★★★★★ Awesome  For  weeks

I had been on and off again trying to run with severe pain in my hip flexor.  PT was not working so thought I would try Dr. Baird.  My first time ever for a chiropractic adjustment...I kid you not I ran the next day with absolutely no pain whatsoever in my hip flexor or my usual nagging lower back pain.  Completely gone.  I am in awe of Dr. Baird's ability to decipher the root cause of my pain and then heal me with massage and chiropractic techniques in one appointment.  Most definitely a gifted individual and would strongly recommend.

Costina D ★★★★★ Best Health Care Provider I've ever met!  10 stars!!!

I had just started with chiropractic adjustments for the first time this year and had really bad back pain. I had multiple adjustments and didn't really feel much until I met Dr. Baird. When I had adjustment with him, I always felt better for days afterward and learned he definitely has the "magic touch." Very personable and caring for his patients. He takes his time, knows exactly where is hurting and gives you the tools to make your body work for you instead of against you. I recently tried cold laser treatments and have never felt better. Hard knots and tension dissolve instantly. Dr. Baird knows what he's doing and has definitely made me a customer for life!

Ricky E ★★★★★ Bone Bending Genius

 Dr. Baird's passion for chiropractic is unbelievable.  He loves his work and seeing the results.  He is 'gifted' in this art and science.  He knows exactly where to manipulate your muscles, bones, discs, etc, in order to get the maximum results for your health and wellbeing.  You will feel painfree  and amazing after his manipulations.  I love the fact that he uses other techniques such as laser to optimize his adjustments.  You can never go wrong with Dr. Baird.

Marta D ★★★★★ A+!  If  is the highest score I give Dr Baird a number 10. Dr B is A +!!

I been suffering for years of back pain, stifness, numbness in the neck shoulder knees ,you named it,I have it. I recently came from Puerto Rico and you know a bit how horrible is the situation there. The worries of not knowing from my husband,siblings,family,neighbors aggravate my situation. I was scared not knowing were to go,to whom reach for help. The Good Lord Guides me to Dr John Baird and uses his hands to heal me. After  days of my first visit andfollowing his instructions I can see light after dark. Today is gonna be my 2 visit knowing that I will be in the best hands. I feel waaaaay lot better since years. May God bless you Dr Baird and give you health so you can continue helping a lot of peoples like me.

Si la puntuación más alta es  yo le doy al Dr Jonh Baird un 10! Que corazón para ayudar , que humildad mezclada con pericia. Desde que llegas comienzas a sentir la seguridad que sale de su corazón y trasmite a las palabras como aquel que puede identificarse con el que siente el dolor. Es un don que Dios Ha Puesto en el. Yo vengo recientemente de Puerto Rico. Llevaba años padeciendo de nervios pillados tensión, adormecimiento, dolor, inflamacion en el cuello espalda lumbar rodillas hombros. Con la situación de no saber de mi esposo hermanos familiares vecinos amigos la tensión se acumuló de manera insoportable. Sin saber a donde ir pues no conozco a nadie hice una sincera oración para que Dios Guiara mi camino. Llego respuesta de el Dr Baird. En la primera visita logró ajustar en mi espalda y cuello lo que hacía años que torturaba mi cuerpo. Seguí sus consejos y a la vuelta de  dias la mejoria es notable. Hoy regreso a mi 2 visita. Espero que tu tengas los mismos resultados que todos los que aquí dejamos por escrito nuestra experiencia. Termino diciendo: Dr B es A +!!

Phillip I ★★★★★

Dr. Baird  just keeps on gettin' wonderful.  I don't normally go in for such things, but him, we should clone.

shaheem s ★★★★★ neck pain  

Very knowlegable. Have a smile on his face while communicating. Very professional. My range of motion and neck pain went away after the adjustment

Lynn H ★★★★★ Dr. Baird is awesome!

 Dr. Baird has adjusted my son and me for several years. Chiropractic visits with him will set you on the path to healing, educate you about your body and encourage you to go ahead and seek treatment.  Last week, my son experienced sudden, severe, back pain at lacrosse practice. Within a short time, Dr. Baird was determining what caused the pain, working out the problems and sending us on our way with instructions on how to continue the healing in G's back.  If it hadn't been for Dr. B, we would have ended up in the emergency, without the same good result. Four days later, G's pain has greatly subsided, he has almost completely healed. If you could have seen G last Thursday, you would know how remarkable this experience has been. I highly encourage you to make an appointment. You won't feel sorry, instead, you will feel better!

Katy H ★★★★★ Best Chiropractor EVER!

 I've been to many chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Baird is the absolute BEST! He manages the bones AND muscles of the spine. His deep adjustments really do the trick :) Highly recommended!!

Sarah B ★★★★★

Prior to Infinity Chiro  My husband and I have received chiropractic care, nutrition advice and massage treatment since before Dr. Baird opened Infinity Chiropractic and we highly recommend him! Not only is he knowledgeable but when faced with some scary health issues he listened to my concerns, offered helpful advice and at the end of each appointment he reminded me about each improvement and positive report leaving me encouraged and full of hope! 

Pam K Pam ★★★★★

Best Chiropractor Ever, Bar None  Write your review
Best Chiropractor ever.  I can always depend on you giving me your best care.  I will never go to Raleigh without an adjustment from Dr Baird.  Everyone, I think he is incredible, bar none. 

You should be called Dr Love!!!!  wish I had you in Atlanta!!

Robert E ★★★★★  stars are not enough!!!!!

 I don't have enough adjectives to describe his ability to relieve pain... he is simply gifted!.  He uses his gift with a holistic approach, he not only wants to adjust one's neck/back but ones whole health, breathing, exercising, nutrition, etc.  He teaches patients skills that they can do for themselves like stretches or exercises or equipment to become more self-reliant instead of dependent on his skill (unlike other chiropractors that want to keep you coming to their office for an adjustment...) .  I am a medical professional myself and deeply trust his techniques (except his resistance to vaccines).  Dr. Bair has earn my eternal gratitude and loyalty.  Once you have been "touched" (adjusted) by him, you never go back to any other chiropractor!

Teresa F ★★★★★

 I've been seeing Dr. Baird for approximately two years now and can truthfully say that he always takes the time to pinpoint exactly what the problems are and has the knowledge, know how and precision to fix any ailment that I've ever had.  He is fantastic and I'll never go to any other chiropractor except him!!  He's great!!

Tony P ★★★★★ Restored faith in Chiropractic!

 I begged off chiropractic care years ago after a couple of really bad experiences.  After a few visits with Dr. B he has addressed issues that I have had for years and provided relief that I did not think was possible in a short period of time. I will continue to visit Dr. B on an as needed basis, which is refreshing also.  I highly recommend him.

chuck h ★★★★★ Very good experience

 I bought a groupon and had a visit with Dr. Baird to address shoulder and neck pain.  He instantly pinpointed the issue and went to work.  He is very engaging and funny.  After I left I felt so good and relaxed.  I will be coming back.

Leila S ★★★★★ Awesome Experience  

I went to Dr. Baird, after he worked wonders on my sister's back pain after her car crash. I went for pain when sitting. Dr. Baird asked all the right questions and gave me advice on stretching. I felt so loose and aligned after the visit. I will be coming here again, even though I live in Orlando because you can't trust your bones and muscles to just anyone.

Catherine D ★★★★★ Fantastic  

Dr. Baird is an exceptionally skillful practitioner.  He helped me to quickly recover from a complex, debilitating episode of back pain and to address an old injury that was the root cause of the issue.  He is knowledgeable, relaxed, genuine, and positive. After our sessions, I felt balanced, aligned, and aware of my body's optimal blueprint.  I highly recommend his unique and effective combination of Myofascial Release and Chiropractic Adjustment!

Landon P ★★★★★ Best in the area!

 Dr. Baird is one of the best at his practice! I would only recommend seeing him.

Phillip I ★★★★★

36 years of getting Chiropractic   and I say without hesitation or reserve, there's no one out there even close to Dr. Baird's level.  Superior technical knowledge; caring, nurturing rapport and intuition that has me laughing out loud, in astonishment, as he adjusts & "fixes" things I didn't even know were out of kilter.  I could go on, but some things have to be experienced to be appreciated.

Michael H ★★★★★ Awesome experience

 Met Dr. Baird at my place of business. I had been thinking of seeing a chiropractor and we got to talking. I was impressed with his approach so I booked an appointment. Great decision! He is professional as well as being very compassionate and knowledgeable. My back still needs work and I know where I'm going to keep going for it. He seems to have a genuine passion for his work and more importantly for helping people not just ing through the motions. Great guy, great doctor.

janeth p ★★★★★ Magic touch

 Dr. Bair is unparalleled in his people skills and a master at what he does!  I highly recommend him 

Kara R ★★★★★

Let the healing flow  After getting my neck adjusted by Dr. Baird I was determined to keep him as my Chiropractor.  The curve in my neck had inverted years after a childhood fall on my head.  I have seen many chiropractors over the years but he had the gentlest, most effective approach to adjusting my neck.  He takes the time with each visit to ask me questions and find out what's been happening.  Even for emotional issues, like when I mentioned that I was feeling a sense of being down (usually I am a very happy-go-lucky and bubbly person), he mentioned the area of the spine that might be out of alignment.  After the adjustment, maybe an hour later, I noticed that the 'gray clouds' disappeared, there was a sense of well being restored to me.  What a gift. He covers just about every area of life in his sessions and makes sure I get the best possible care and service.  Thank you Dr. Baird.

Phillip  I ★★★★★ Dr. B. will make you believe in magic….

 Just when I think I know how wonderful Dr. B. is, he goes and ups the ante.   And I don't make it easy for him, either.  There aren't superlatives enough to do him justice!

Adam L ★★★★★ One hitter quitter 

 It may be an aggressive title but I came in on the first visit for my right lower back and now less than twent for hours later I was able to swing a golf club without tension. Looking forward to the other adjustments I have scheduled. 

kelley o ★★★★★ I want to keep him all to myself  He is wonderful. .  He spend time with the patient.  Not one of the assembly line kind of practices.
Jeffrey ★★★★★

Just amazing  I suffer from a hernia disk from a work injury about 10 years ago. I had problems walking, sitting and even laying down in some circumstances. My fiancé made me an appointment with Dr. Baird and I honestly say I will be going back for all the initial adjustments and then monthly for regular adjustments. I don't know what to do with myself, I haven't felt this good in years! Mr Baird knows his stuff. Now I'm gonna get my yoga loving fiancé in there for an adjustment, I know she could benefit from his services even though she's a pretzel in her own! 

Linda M ★★★★★ Patrick and Linda M say:  

Best chiropractor ever.  So glad we found you!

Jay M ★★★★★ My Visit  

I have gone other practices, but Infiniti was by far the best for me when it came to my neck and back pains. Great service and results. 

Alex M ★★★★★ One of the best!  

Dr. Baird takes the time to find those problems that have been causing everything from back pain to migraines and works on them to make sure your recover is as fast as possible.  We have been seeing him for four years now and can honestly say you will be hard pressed to find a chiropractor of the same caliber.

Lauren M ★★★★★ Family Favorite 

 Dr. Baird is an absolute gem. I am very frugal and do not like having to pay my insurance copay, let alone pay cash for a medical visit. I'm someone who will jump from deal to deal (initially finding Dr. B. on Groupon), rarely becoming a loyal customer.  However, once I had my first adjustment with myofascial treatment, I knew I would never find another doctor who relieves my pain like Dr. Baird. When my mom visits from out of town, the first thing we do is check his calendar and go see him. He has made an incredible difference in our posture and pain management. If you are on the fence about seeing him for the reason that he does not accept insurance, please give him a try before you make any decisions. He is worth every penny and you will never go back to the mainstream chiropractors after seeing him. He has an endearing personality, a wonderful bedside manner, is laid-back, flexible, and very intuitive.  His new office is also set up very well for families with small children and includes a great play area. My kids get excited when they know we are going.  I have been under chiropractic care for many years under many different practitioners and can very genuinely say that Dr. Baird is one-of-a-kind. He has my business for life. 

Andrew C ★★★★★ Excellent and Efficient

 Having just moved to the area and being used to my former chiropractor, I thought I would have to "sample" quite a few before finding my new "go-to guy". I got lucky and found Dr. Baird first  - no more searching for me! I not only repsonded well to his treatment, but, felt like he combined listening to my history/descriptions of the pain with his own intuitiveness to help me beyond my expectations. I am signing my wife up for visits next and highly recommend Dr. Baird for anyone new to chiro or even someone who may not be totally satisfied with their current practitioner.

Phillip I ★★★★★ Mere words can't convey...  

Been getting chiropractic adjustments since 1980, in the US and in Europe.  Dr. Baird is simply the best.  His knowledge of chiropractic is superior, but he is also a master of soft tissue, and his approach is nothing short of brilliant!  As if that weren't enough, he is also quite well in touch with his intuition.  I could say a lot more...  Just go back and read these reviews again; they're all spot on!  

Nora L  ★★★★★ Amazing

 I walked in with my son holding me because I could barely walk. when I came out, my son who was waiting in the sitting area, said, "WOW, you can walk!". He took his time and explained everything thoroughly. 

Manon L ★★★★★ Wonderful doctor  

Dr Baird is patient and listens to you.   He is caring and compassionate.  He is also very knowledgeable. I am in good hands.  He is a great healer.

Wray F ★★★★★ Every single time!  

The modern day magic man. I go in with my neck and back hurting and I leave feeling fine. His skill is unbelievable. 

Leah V ★★★★★ Tension headache relief 

 I've been to see Dr Baird twice so far and will surely return as needed! I suffer from pretty knarly tension headaches, and thought taking medicine everyday was the only way to combat the pain. 18 months ago, I visited Dr Baird for the first time seeking relief. He adjusted me, and the tension headaches didn't return for over a year!! They slowly came back in the last couple of months until I couldn't ignore the pain in my daily life anymore. I went back yesterday, and last night I was pain free for the first time in months. I was shocked at how freeing of a feeling it is to not have a tension headache! Dr Baird is so talented, and he approaches his practice not as a chronic cure -- but as a legitimate fix. I love it. I'm so thankful!

Johnny M ★★★★★ Holistic approach  

Dr. Baird does a great job incorporating the whole body and its interactions in his sessions. Educates the mind and helps fix the body!

Kalee B ★★★★★ If I could leave more stars I would..

 Dr.Baird was the first chiropractor I had ever been to. He made the process extremely comfortable and I felt at ease the whole time. I was extremely impressed and left with a ton of energy and full range of motion! I'm glad that I started with such a great doctor because now I don't have to look elsewhere. 

Charles M ★★★★★ I believe in miracles again  

It's hard to believe that after another visit with Dr Bair that he can actually make a difference but it does. Not only does he have great hands, but he is methodical and thorough in everything he does. I can actually feel the difference each and every time he does an adjustment, and the term "hurt so good" is no joke. My muscles and back have been out of alignment for so long that it takes a bit of time for him to make it happen, but when he does it's like lifting a huge weight off my body. On a scale of one to ten I would give in a ten without a second thought. Thank you for everything you do.

Ryan A ★★★★★ My First Time   

Dr. Baird vibe is very cool, the atmosphere is very nice and he's very in tuned with the patient's needs. His face lit up when I told him that i had never been to a chiropractor before. He enjoys introducing people to the practice. The enthusiasm, knowledge, and, techniques that he possess made me comfortable as a patient. I will be back again.  

Jim P ★★★★★ very good experience  

Ive been going to Chiropractors for 40 + years, having recently moved to this area I was very happy to find Dr. Baird. He knows his stuff, excellent care!

Young B ★★★★★ Great Job  

I've been getting adjusted by John for over  years.  He is in tune with his patients and ensures your questions and concerns are addressed.

Candice  M ★★★★★  1st of several more  

First time getting adjusted and Dr. Baird made me feel like a new person. My husband and I will definitely be back. 

Kathy W ★★★★★

Looking my whole life  I have tried many different chiropractors over the past 3 years, and I have finally found the perfect one!  Dr Baird doesn't just treat the pain area, but goes after the areas that are causing the pain. He treats the 'whole' body systems. He is patient, kind, caring and genuinely wants to help you get well.  Thank You Dr. Baird!

Carol C ★★★★★ The Real Deal

 Dr Baird is professional, skilled and gifted. He listens intently and based on his knowledge, he customizes treatment for the individual. He is a great guy and I am blessed to have found a Chiropractor who is set apart from the rest. He is awesome.

Charles M ★★★★★ I'm a believer  

Charles L: My past experiences with massage therapist and chiropractors have been iffy at best over the years. As a retired service member with countless years of physical abuse inflicted on my body over the years because of the job I have found a way to finally lessen the discomfort and that's with the help of Dr. Bair. Dr. Bair not only took time to actually find out what was bothering me, he also took the time to explain and show me in simple terms without making me feel stupid. For the first time in over a decade I am able to walk without needing some sort of pain relief medicine or hot cold packs for my back. I actually felt like a new man since my back wasn't killing me anymore and he offered simple corrective things that can assist in the realignment of my back. There is no quick fix to anything chronic but he made an immediate impact on my day to day life and I am a new patient that intends to be a repeat patient for a very long time. Thank you


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