If you have never experienced a Chiropractic adjustment, you don't know what you're missing. Your mobility, strength, energy, and attitude  depend on all the systems in your body working together and your brain is the maestro to this symphony. Chiropractic will maintain the integrity of your nervous system to run your body like a boss without any interference because that's what you deserve.

Myofascial Release 

                  Chiropractic is a miraculous tool; but sometimes tightness  in your muscles  and stiffness in other soft tissues, keep you from receiving and maintaining a proper Chiropractic adjustment.  After all, it is a Musculo-Skeletal System; and they always work together.  

                 Myofascial Release is a special technique, which relaxes the muscles and relieves tension in other soft tissues.  This greatly enhances Chiropractic adjustment by allowing a greater range motion to be restored to the joints. 

Offering the ultimate c-c-c-combo!

Together when we address the bone structure, joint mobility, metabolism, and the soft tissue component, it is the ultimate combination in treatment. Come and see what your missing and how good you can feel!

Cold Laser

                         Cold laser therapy is the newest tool in my tool box.  Treatment consists of a laser light emitter placed on different parts of the body to reduce pain, inflammation, and melt trigger points.  I have personal experience with using this laser on an injury I received after a motorcycle accident and it worked so well I had to buy one!  Since then I have been using the laser for the treatment  of joint pain, muscle spasms, and chronic inflammation.  I have used other lasers in the past and they do work but the treatment times needed to see a noticeable benefit would take most of an hour.  A single laser treatment only takes 5 minuets and the effects can be felt almost immediately.  But don't take my word for it, come in and experience it or go read about it yourself.